The Mindful Maker Business Planner 2024

Your key to unlocking the full potential of your creative business.

Easily manage your calendar, tasks, goals, and general well-being. Grow your profits by mindfully aligning your business with your ideal lifestyle.

Ready for a creative planner to help you stay organized, motivated and productive?

As a creative maker, you might be:

  • Always busy, spending hours on things that might or might not be working in your business and making you money.
  • Drowning in tasks because you’re the one doing all the making, packaging, selling, social media, accounting, etc.  
  • A social media hero one day, then a ghost the next because you get overwhelmed, writer’s block and just plain tired of it all.

Hello! It's me, Amanda!

As a creative entrepreneur, I used to FIGHT – tooth and nail – organizing and planning. I thought it would devalue my creative freedom.  

After struggling with procrastination, time management and lack of planning, I knew something had to change. I had three small kids and a minimal amount of time to get the most important things done in my business. I didn’t have time to waste on busy work and tasks that weren’t moving my business forward and filling my bank account. 

This 283 page planner changed everything!

With the Mindful Maker Business Planner, you can develop a system for managing your calendar, tasks, goals and general well-being.

Create more money and more success with your new harmonious, high-vibe roadmap. 

This planner allows you to create a step-by-step plan to mindfully show up in your business, only doing the things that are most important and crucial to your business and life goals. You don’t have to work hard to make more money…you just have to work more intentionally. 

Why Mindfulness Matters in Business

In a world where hustle and bustle often overshadow the importance of balance and self-care, we believe that running a mindful business is the key to success and personal fulfillment. Mindfulness involves purposeful awareness, a state of being fully present in every aspect of your business and life. It’s about more than just profits; it’s about aligning your business with your personal goals.

So, what is the Mindful Maker Business Planner?

The Mindful Maker Business Planner is a weekly, monthly and yearly calendar system, goal-setting planner and mindfulness tracker to help creative makers stay focused, stay motivated and develop a business that truly contributes to your well-being.

The best thing about it is that it takes very little time  to make it work. 

I’m a busy mom to three littles and my goal was to create a system that didn’t overwhelm me or take too much time away from my family. 

I kept this planner minimal; including just what’s needed to increase your productivity and revenue. Who has hours to fill out a planner each day? Not me! 

It’s simple, repetitive and it works.

The Big Picture

Goal Setting

Goal setting helps you define what you want in life, provides a roadmap for getting there, and empowers you to take action to achieve your dream life!

Manage your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning!

Stay organized, plan content, intentionally schedule your days and weeks to do only the most important things in your business.

Track revenue, social stats and other metrics, monthly!

What gets measured, gets improved! Stay on top of revenue each day/month, social stats and more! Know exactly HOW your business is doing each month by tracking growth.


Practice gratitude and develop a rewards system to bring peace and joy into your business and life. Mindfully review each week and month.

What's included in the planner?

Get clear on your why.

My Dream Life

This page allows you to create a monthly marketing plan to provide consistency in showing up for your community. What is the minimum that you’ll do every month? I provided an example. Create your own!

Be, Do & Have Goals

Create your revenue goals for the year and for each month.

Top 4 Personal & Business Goals

Use this calendar to schedule important dates, events and marketing plan components including social posts, blog posts, etc. I also keep track of daily revenue on this calendar.

Mission, Vision & Values

Each week has a planning page where you can plan out your week in more detail.

Keep organized.

Yearly Planner

This yearly spread allows you to see the big picture and quickly add big events and ideas.

Monthly Planner

View your entire month and use this to write in your monthly marketing plan.

Weekly Planner

The weekly planner lets you jump into the week, organized and ready to tackle your top priorities.

Bonus: Daily Sheet

This is where the magic happens! Prioritize your day with your top priorities, practice gratitude & rewards, and move your goals along with mindful focus!

We also included:

My Marketing Plan – This page allows you to create a monthly marketing plan to provide consistency in showing up for your community. What is the minimum that you’ll do every month? I show an example. Create your own!

Weekly Plan Overview – Use this page to plan your week! Decide what you’ll do each day. Stay organized and on task.

2024 Revenue Goals – Create your revenue goals for the year and each month.

Yearly Calendar – See an overview of the year.

Yearly Planner – Plan your annual, big picture events.

Monthly Calendar – Use this calendar to schedule important dates, events, and marketing plan components, including social posts, blog posts, etc. I also keep track of daily revenue on this calendar.

Weekly Plan – Each week has a planning page where you can plan out your week in more detail.

Mindful Moments – Each week has a Mindful Moment page where you reflect on the week and record moments of gratitude, accomplishments, and self-care.

Custom Order Tracker – Keep track of customer orders, including due dates, customer info, and order info.

Finished Product Planner – Keep track of products that you need to make for the month.

Inventory Ordering – Create a list of what you’ll need to order this month to make your creations.

Marketing Planning – Brainstorm your monthly social media, email marketing, and blog marketing. Create a theme and a list for each marketing outlet.

Income Tracking – Track money each day as it comes in. Mindfully tracking money can lead to manifesting more!

Monthly Budget – Write out your monthly expenses to know exactly how much you’ll spend this month.

Monthly Mindful Review – Each month, you’ll take a few moments to reflect, practice gratitude, and celebrate accomplishments.

Monthly Metrics Review – Track your community growth and revenue each month to see progress, or reflect on what you need to focus on the next month.

Monthly Goal Review – Review your monthly personal and business goals.

Notes – Use this space to write down ideas and reflections as they come up during the month.

Annual Review – Review your year to see what worked and what you need to change for next year.


  • Marketing Email Ideas
  • Social Media Post Ideas
  • Password Log
  • Resource Log

Community Feedback

Here's what makers are saying!
Leah Wilson
"This planner has changed how I do everything! I used to fly by the seat of my pants and it always felt like total chaos. Now I know what I have to do each month, I can see my sales and growth. I know exactly what I need to do to keep growing! I feel like I have MORE time now than I did before."
Ashley Smith
"Amanda knocked the ball out of the park with this planner! I feel so organized. I've never planned so far ahead of time and it feels so good to know what's coming up in marketing and sales. I love this!"

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  • Define your daily theme.
  • Knock out your top priorities for the day!
  • Breeze through your to do list. 
  • Easily plan your hourly schedule for the day.
  • Check in on social media, email and customer support.
  • Practice gratitude. 
  • Allow yourself a reward for all you’ve accomplished!
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Planner Format

You're purchasing a digital file (283 page PDF Download) that you can print-at-home. We formatted the planner so you can print, hole-punch and bind in a binder. If you'd like to use this planner digitally, you can upload to an app like GoodNotes!
frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

The Mindful Maker Business Planner is a comprehensive, printable tool designed to help creative entrepreneurs manage their time, organize tasks, set goals, track metrics, and practice mindfulness to ensure overall well-being.

The Mindful Maker Business Planner is a digital file (PDF Download) that you can print at home. We formatted the planner so you can print, hole-punch and bind the pages in a binder. If you’d like to use this planner digitally, you can upload it to an app like GoodNotes! It’s designed to be simple, repetitive, and effective without taking too much time away from your day-to-day activities.

Our planner is unique as it integrates mindfulness into your business planning. It’s designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to work intentionally and maintain balance in their lives.

We recommend using high-quality, thick paper suitable for most pens and markers without bleeding through. 8.5 x 11”

The planner is in PDF format, so you’ll need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (which is free) to view and print the planner. If you would like to keep it all digital, you can upload the PDF to an app like GoodNotes.

This printable planner is designed for creative makers who handle various aspects of their business from crafting, packaging, selling, managing social media, accounting, and more. It’s for those who want to work more intentionally rather than harder.

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Every creative maker deserves peace and prosperity!

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